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Our Goal

"Our goal is to eliminate metal from the waste stream within the next 30 years by providing recycling education to children.

Given the success of our Million Cans Recycling Contest with our partner Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI), we can say with certainty our book is the solution to increasing the recycling rate.  Kids gamify collecting cans which leads to immediate results, however the more important component is the long-term behavioral change that takes place.  They quickly learn that throwing cans (or any metal) in the garbage is an unacceptable behavior because they are recyclable and have value.

Kids then influence the behavior of their friends and family resulting in even more lifelong recyclers.  So in reality, The Girl Who Recycled 1 Million Cans far outweighs any public service announcement or political campaign and has quickly become the catalyst for change. " - Brad Rudover Recycling is like Magic!

Meet the team!

Scuba Diver

Jessica Alexanderson, aka Scuba Jess, is a scuba diver and underwater photographer based in Seattle, WA. Since she began diving in 2014, she has completed over 1,400 dives. Jessica enjoys clean-up dives and loves sharing the wonders of the Salish Sea, from the adorable Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker and Giant Pacific Octopus to the shocking 800,000 tires polluting the waters. Dedicated to ocean conservation, she encourages everyone to clean up litter, reduce, reuse, and recycle, and reminds us that ALL metal can be recycled at local scrapyards. Live long and prosper!

Metal Recycler

Brad W. Rudover grew up in a family recycling business, spending much of his childhood in a scrap yard. He holds a Bachelor's in Small Business Management from Ferris State University and an MBA from Western Washington University. Brad's education includes lessons from his entrepreneurial father and experience in management positions and his own ventures (Detroit Scrap, Scrap University, Scrap University Kids). Despite his extensive business training, Brad conducts business with gratitude and generosity. He is also the father of two adorable, unicorn-loving daughters.
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Shaziya M. Jaffer is an elementary teacher in the Burnaby School District, passionate about education and environmental stewardship. When she's not in the classroom, she cherishes spending time with her family and cheering on her daughter at ice hockey games. Joining the Recycling is Like Magic program fills Shaziya with excitement as she looks forward to educating children about the significance of recycling and nurturing our planet. She sees this as both a teaching opportunity and a chance to collaborate in preserving a clean, healthy Earth for future generations.

We Can Do Better - All metal is recyclable!

Recycling is like Magic is teaching kids that ALL metal can be recycled and has value at your local scrapyard! Let's save the planet 1 can at a time! 

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